As the Video at Penn State service grows, we would like to share solutions to some common questions. As always, if you have a question or issue that is not covered on this page please contact

How do I upload a video?

MediaCore makes it very easy to upload new media. Once the tool is launched from ANGEL, click the Upload tab and form will be presented to upload into the system.

When I click Upload, all I see is a blank screen. What’s wrong?

The support team has noticed this error with specific versions of web browsers. We recommend accessing the tool from an alternate browser. If the error is still occurring, please contact for support.

What file formats does MediaCore support?

MediaCore supports a wide variety of file types. See the full list of video input formats.

Can I upload MP3 files to MediaCore?

Yes. Most common audio file formats are supported.

My video uploaded successfully, but I don’t see it in my collection. What happened?

MediaCore starts encoding your video into multiple video formats to cover different Internet speeds and devices. Your video will appear shortly after MediaCore has processed the video.

How do I embed a video somewhere else?

When you view a video, several buttons appear under the window. These include Share and Embed. Clicking the Embed button will generate an HTML snippet to copy into an external website. Embedded course videos will still require an individual to use Penn State authentication to view the content.

Who can see videos I upload?

When a course collection is accessed via ANGEL, only users enrolled in the respective course are able to view it. All Penn State users are able to view public content.

Can I add caption files to my videos?

Not at this time. The support team is working with MediaCore to add this capability into the service.

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