Video at Penn State offers many affordances in the classroom. Using this tool built MediaCore platform, faculty can stream course-related content or capture and share lecture material. Students are able to find and view course-related content easily and upload video assignments.


Video at Penn State makes it easy to share audio and video material with students. Faculty can upload and share full-length videos, self-created captures, or even Vimeo and YouTube videos directly into a collection for their course. Students enrolled in that course can then view and comment on the videos in the system, without the need to download. Videos can be safely embedded into lesson plans, blogs, and websites.

Course Capture

Using tools such as Jing, QuickTime, and Camtasia, faculty can record lectures and supplementary material on a computer or mobile device. This content can then be uploaded directly into a course collection.

Video Assignments

Students can easily upload video assignments to a course collection using this platform. Once these assignments are uploaded, students can comment on specific videos creating an easy way for peer review and collaboration.


MediaCore offers a mobile app, MediaCore Capture, which allows iOS users to easily capture and upload video into a collection using an iPhone or iPad.

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